Why Choose GRADA?

We are dedicated to provide best possible stake pool for ADA

High availability

Our servers are located in highly available datacenters in Sweden ensuring exceptional uptime and minimal loss of service.

High Security

We keep abreast and implement the latest blockchain industry information security best practices.

Zero Fees

We take take 0% margin which means more return for you.

30 Year Of Working Experience

Server- and web site hosting since 1996.

About Us

Long experience from finance and server hosting

My name is Tommie and I've been in the IT industry for over 30 years. I've hosted servers and web sites online for more than 25 years with close to 100% uptime. I have financial education and developed programs for accounting companies. For the last 25-ish years I've been working for companies like Story House Egmont, Biltema, the consultant company Sopra Steria. I've worked as Head of Development, Chief Development Officer and Business Developer. In my currennt role I serve as Research and Development manager at ASSA ABLOY. I have a team of more than 25 developers working with access and security solutions as well as cryptography. My team and I have developed integrations with different payment systems in Sweden, Denmark, Norway, for example: PayPal, Klarna, Dibs, Nets, Swish, Autogiro, Invoicing, Mobile Pay, Vipps, Pankki, recurring credit cards, voucher codes, Nordea, Bankgirocentralen, and dept collections. The systems that we are running have about 4,4 millions of customer and high volume of transactions. Our systems handle the organization's turnover of about 50 million EURO.


In IT industry

I have more than 30 years experience from IT industry. Financial education and worked with system development for many years.
Developer and team leader.


Server hosting

I have sucessfully hosted servers and
web sites since 1996 with close to 100% uptime


Swedish Cardano Stake Pool

A Cardano (ADA) Stake Pool in Malmö, Sweden.

Low energy servers

Unlike Bitcoin, Cardano is much more energy efficient. Moreover, we run servers with low energy consumption

6 servers

I have dedicated 3 servers in my own datacenter running 20 virtualized Cardano servers. Both Mainnet, but also the testnets PreProd, PreView and SanchoNet

384 GB ram

The servers are over sized with 384 GB ram, 32 cpu and 24 TB SSD raid storage


The power here is very reliable, but just to make sure I have 3 dedicated ups for the servers.

3 Firewalls

I have 3 different firewalls for extra protection and load balance.

Regular Updates

Everything is regularly updated and backed up according to best practise.


Start delegating your ADA to the stake pool GRADA

Make passive income by delegating your ADA to us. You can earn about 4-6% annually


Top 10 staking questions about Cardano ADA

Feel free to ask your questions

What is ADA staking?

Staking your ADA with a pool like GRADA enables you to earn roughly 4-6% returns on your ADA. Think of it like joining a bitcoin mining pool. Except, you don't have to own any equipment or expensive GPUs. GRADA does that for you. Stake using Daedalus or Yoroi.

There's a catch, right?

No catch at all. This is how Cardano is designed. It's a way for you, the ADA holder, to earn interest on your ADA and it promotes pools like GRADA to exist and prodive a stable infrastructure for Cardano.

Is my ADA safe when staking?

Yes! 100% When you stake with a pool you are still in full ownership of your ADA. You are only "delegating" your wallet and the ADA in it to a pool to increase the amount staked in the pool.

Should I stake my ADA?

YES! Staking is part of what makes ADA wonderful. Stake pools are a key part of a decentralized Cardano, supporting the mechanisms that ensure the long-term health and liveness of the network. By running a stake pool, stake pool operators enable other users to participate in the protocol and gain rewards without needing to continuously run an online node. Stake using Daedalus or Yoroi.


It's your money

Skaking with GRADA means that you always have access to your money.

Ticker: GRADA

Stake your ADA to take pool: GRADA

Cardano is a public blockchain and cryptocurrency project. It requires decentralized node servers to validate and secure the blockchain for all participants. If you hold ADA (₳) cryptocurrency, you can participate in this process and earn rewards by staking your ADA. Your ADA remains within your complete control at all times and you are still allowed to transfer, spend, or move your staking delegation to another stake pool.


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